Interior Cleanup Photos

Port Gamble Bay Cleanup

Many years of studies and planning culminated in a two-year in-water cleanup construction project that was completed in January 2017. The quantity of pilings and wood waste removed from the bay were far greater than anticipated, pushing the contractor and cleanup team to work nearly round the clock for three months in order to complete the project on time.

Cleanup by the numbers:

  • 106 acres of bay cleaned up.
  • 8,592 pilings removed – one of largest piling removal projects in WA.
  • 110,000 cubic yards of material dredged or excavated.
  • 200,000+ tons of clean cap and habitat material placed.
  • 3 acres of over-water structures (old docks) removed.

In November 2017, shellfish monitoring results were shared with the community. Shellfish samples were gathered from five different locations in the bay in a collaborative effort between Pope Resources, the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, and state agencies. The goal was to evaluate the effect of the cleanup construction activities on shellfish. It had been anticipated that there would be some release during construction.

The results showed good news:

Levels in the shellfish were all below health advisory criteria. Even during the construction work, four of the five locations showed no localized increase. The fifth location, the mill site itself, showed far less of an increase than anticipated.